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Kathy comments

GAMES – WATERDEEP      kathyrivers
Great website. The content was good. I think you mispelled the word “Release” on your topic but check it. Website functions well. Pictures and information about games and instructions is so detailed and thorough. Just curious if you had some help because I love what you did. Great Job!   

lords of waterdeep game
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Sariah's comments

TICKET TO RIDE – EUROPE     sariah92
Well done on your content for your European Boardgames George:-) I love all your details for your games you have listed on your website. I love how you incorporated pictures in there of yourself doing what you do and love. Your content in there is very detailed and legible. I can definitely understand the rules of the games. Good job on your content! To your success!!  

Steam Train
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Jenji comments

WOW!! What an amazing website! Very easy to read and navigate, great short informative bio, beautiful pictures, loved the animation. The only thing I would suggest is a new photo of yourself, one that is lighter or with a lighter background. The dark low light picture doesn’t inspire trustworthiness. I personally am a strong Christian so I delighted in your quote! Very bold, I love it.   Great Job,  

view of Settlers board
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tman61 comments

GAMES – POWER GRID    tman61
I know the idea of a feedback is to say something about your site that I could help to make it better. But the truth is it is hard to say much about this site for it is so much in order. I like the store layout how did you do that.
The button buy under each product is a very cool idea.    

Carbon Power Grid
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